Rob Zombie’s 31: Halloween 3, Captain Spaulding or Something Totally New?

Screen-Shot-2014-05-16-at-1.02.13-PMKing of shock rock and gruesome films Mr. Rob Zombie will be returning to the horror scene with a new film, 31. After mixed reviews about his last film, Lords of Salem, 31 is receiving a lot of buzz. Fans are going crazy about what could potentially be in store in this new film. A couple of months ago, Rob released a teaser to his new film and rumors started flying. Speculations about 31 have the film being a prequel to House of 1000 Corpses, a film about Captain Spaulding and even Zombie’s third installment of Halloween.

Unlike all of the previous Rob Zombie productions, details surrounding 31 have been very hush hush. No plot has been released nor any casting announcements. The only details that have been released as of now is that the film will take place on Halloween night, which has led to Halloween 3 rumors. Rob shot down the Captain Spaulding rumors in a recent interview stating that 31 will have nothing to so with House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects or Captain Spaulding.  He guarantees a totally new idea and it will have nothing to do with his previous films. The only other detail that is knownrob_zombie-picture-480x360 for sure is that Rob is hoping to start filming in the fall. All other details will remain a secret…….for now.

Although the majority of the rumors have been shot down, fans are still foaming at the mouth for more details and coming up with their own theories surrounding the film. My theory, 31 will be a new film all to itself and be freestanding from his other work. Since Lords of Salem received a lot of bad reviews, I think this will be his redemption film to show everyone that he’s still got it.

I however would not be 100% shocked if this is a film about Captain Spaulding or his Halloween 3. After all, after his 2007 adaptation of Halloween, he did say he was not going to do another Halloween movie yet he released Halloween II two years later in 2009. Only time will tell, but I am sure that 31 will amaze whether it is a continuation of something or it really is a brand new idea. I for one love the route he is taking to promote the film, absolute secrecy. It is a brilliant tactic and I applaud Mr. Zombie for not being like every other writer/director spoiling the film for everyone before they even see it.

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Teaser for 31:


One thought on “Rob Zombie’s 31: Halloween 3, Captain Spaulding or Something Totally New?”

  1. I get that Zombie is talented but his films are just not good. They’re all pastiches of classic films that just make you want to watch the originals. And I wish he would stop putting his wife in them!

    I actually thought Lords of Salem was his best yet but maybe i’m out of touch 🙂

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