The Goblin Project 2014

10451172_10152550057683453_6309487993554802701_nMany of you probably remember the Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive. The film and one iconic symbol of he film have quite the cult following, the goblin head from the font of the menacing Happy Toyz truck.

As those that have seen the film may remember, the goblin head was blown up at the end, but Tim Shockey purchased the goblin head and spent 2 years restoring it to it’s iconic movie appearance. Tim debuted the goblin head at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati in March of 2013, and this was the goblin’s first appearance since 1986! Fans gave Tim and the goblin head a very warm welcome and Tim has been invited to many more conventions and events to display the goblin head and many of the other movie props he owns.

Anyone who has been to a convention knows that it is a pricey affair whether you are a vendor, guest or fan. Tim has displayed the goblin head at many conventions all over the US and has even displayed it at conventions in Canada. Any of you who may have seen Tim and the goblin head at a convention know that it is a very large piece and requires a large trailer to haul it around, and it takes a dependable vehicle to tow such a heavy load. Tim was invited to ScareFest in Lexington last year, but reluctantly had to pull out because he had vehicle problems. Tim is now asking for your help via gofundme to aide him in purchasing a more reliable vehicle.

Tim is a great guy and someone I am very happy to be able to call a friend, and he is very passionate about The Goblin Project and Maximum Overdrive. So as fans of the film and the goblin head, let’s help Tim raise the money so he can continue to display the goblin head and bond with other fans. Much like other crowd funding sites, there are rewards for those that donate. You can help Tim by clicking HERE.

To keep up to date on Tim and The Goblin Head, like the Green Goblin Head Facebook page, follow the Goblin Project twitter page and visit

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