Movie Review: Compound Fracture (2013)

compound-posterWritten by Tyler Mane and his wife, Renae Geerlings, Compound Fracture is everything that the Paranormal Activity movies wish they were and then some. The cast alone was enough to peak my interest before even seeing a trailer. Compound Fracture stars Tyler Mane, Muse Watson, Derek Mears, Renae Geerlings, Leslie Easterbrook and Alex Saxon. There was even a cameo by Jason X writer, Todd Farmer.

Compound Fracture is very intense and fast paced right out of the gate. The opening scene combines a freaky paranormal experience in the woods followed by a wet your pants kind of flashback/dream sequence. Through out the entire film, the lighting is dim and spooky adding to the use of several “jump scares” and creepy paranormal occurrences. If you are easily startled by the surprise style scares, this may not be the film for you, but I for one loved it.

A film like this could very quickly become stale and lose the audience if there aren’t enough plot twists. I usually figure paranormal themed films out quickly and can usually guess the ending, but not this time. Brilliant writing coupled with a great cast made for plot twists I did not see coming. When you think you have this film figured out, it takes a sharp left turn and will leave you guessing. There were a lot of misleading flashback sequences that kept throwing me off, but that added to the experience and overall quality of the film for me. An added bonus, once the family secrets begin to be revealed, you will never think your family is dysfunctional ever again.

Derek Mears was the personification of sinister. His performance as William may be his best yet. He did not have a lot of dialogue, but slight head tilts and cold, menacing stares made him one of the creepiest characters I have seen in a while. Tyler Mane was pretty intense himself. His portrayal of Michael (not the boogie man Michael, a new one) was perfect. It was nice to see him play a role where he spoke and was actually the brooding hero type instead of Mr. McStabby (love him as both though).

The ending was very Twilight Zone. As if the twists and craziness through out the film wasn’t enough, the ending will leave you speechless.

Compound Fracture is now available on DVD and VOD!


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