Comic Book Review: Nosferatu Wars (One-Shot)

NosferatuWarsNosferatu Wars

Horror/March 12, 2014/Color/40 Pages/One-Shot/$3.99

Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Steve Niles

Artist: menton3

Cover: menton3

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Synopsis :

If the undead have glory days, then the Black Plague was the era they never could have imagined. No longer hunted, no longer suspected, the vampires ran, exempt from fear. They were free to play—until the night the vampires turned against each other.

Dark Horse Comics satisfies the horror comic fans once again by releasing this one-shot of Nosferatu Wars. Steve Niles’ brilliant writing has always been a favorite among horror fans. Some may recognize his name from such titles as Breath of Bones30 Days of NightCriminal Macabre, and Clive Barker’s Book of Blood. Nosferatu Wars brings together #1-4 of the series which was Originally Published in Dark Horse Presents #26-#29. The story definitely keeps you interested and wanting more.  I absolutley loved this book from front to back.   Hopefully in the future they will continue this saga, which has a lot of potential to spawn a great series. This comic also features the phenomenal artwork of menton3, which brings the dark macabre of this story to life. The cover itself is enough to draw in any horror fans that come across it, and mostof all it brings a great story that matches. So if you are looking for a great horror comic fix, definitely pick up Steve Niles’ Nosferatu Wars.

Also, Niles is currently collaborating with Damian Worm on a 3-issue comic called Monster and Madman (Review Coming Soon), a tale of Frankenstein’s Monster with Jack the Ripper.  The first issue was published on 12 March 2014, with the remaining issues due in April and May 2014.

In March 2014, IDW announced that Niles and Worm would again be collaborating on a title, Niles’ first monthly ongoing title (having always worked on mini-series during the rest of his career). The title will be The October Faction, and it is due to be published in Fall 2014

Review by Jason Thomas (JasonMichaelMyers)

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