Monthly Comic Book Giveaway

I will soon be starting a monthly comic book giveaway. It may only be one book at a time or more, I haven’t decided yet. I am aiming to pick up the book(s) for the first giveaway on Friday. The giveaways will probably be predominately Marvel and DC, but I am a fan of other companies such as Zenescope, image and Dynamite. If you are or know a self-published/indie comic writer/artist and you you like me to host a give away of one of your books, email me at

My husband and I will alternate picking the book(s) for the giveaway, and we may sometimes collaborate on one.

I know not everyone is on every social media site, so to make it fair, I will host the giveaways through my blog. I may occasionally do a special giveaway on a specific social media site, but I will always have the main giveaway hosted through here.

I have not come up with the rules for entering yet, but I will use a randomized way of choosing the winner.

Check back on Friday or Saturday for more details!

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