The Return of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4

Last night the long wait to walk with the dead finally ended. ‘The Walking Dead’ returned with a bang with an episode aptly titled “After”.

“After” picked up right where the mid season finale ended. The episode was focused mainly on Rick and Carl and the changes that the two of them have gone through. Michonne was the other main character featured. If you have not seen it yet, I’m sorry ladies, no Daryl until next week.


‘The Walking Dead’ is notorious for making one specific character the focus of an episode. Carl was the one in the spotlight this week. Carl is beginning to grow into a man, and now that his father is out of the game for a bit recovering from his injuries, he is one going out and finding supplies. Carl has a melt down while Rick is passed out on the couch. He tells Rick that he would be fine if he died. He pretty much blamed Rick for Hershel’s death and the Governor’s attack that separated their group. I do not want to give too much away, but there are a couple of close calls while he is out on his own. Carl’s innocence may have been lost, but like the 13 year old boy that he is, there is nothing that 112 ounces of pudding can’t fix. Chandler Riggs is without a doubt one of the most promising, young actors I have ever seen, and I for one can not wait to see how he continues to grow.


Michonne has become not only a main character, but a fan favorite. How much do we know about Michonne’s past? Well until last night, not very much at all. While on her own, she falls asleep in a car and we join her, her dead boyfriend and his friend in a dream. *SPOILER ALERT* Michonne was a mother. In this dream, we get a little insight into who Michonne was before the walkers and how she became who she is today. The dream also helps to explain shy Michonne got emotional in the last half of the season when Beth handed Judith to her. She does not get emotional often, but there are some tears that flow from her after she takes down a group of walkers. I loved getting to see the real Michonne.

There were a few humorous moments mixed in with the drama. There is a reunion at the end of the episode.

I for one am loving the direction the season is going. Here is a sneak peak at next week’s episode “Inmates”


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