BigtimeTeez Review: “YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie” T-Shirt


Price: Starting at $14.95

Available Styles: kid’s t-shirt, men’s t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt and long sleeve, Women’s form fit t-shirt and form fit v-neck t-shirt, adult tank top, adult pullover hoodie and adult zipper hoodie.

Sizes: Kid’s (Sm-XL), Women’s (Sm-2XL), Men’s (Sm-5XL)

Color: Variety

Buy Yolo, Unless You’re A Zombie T-Shirt 

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, the zombie craze has been sweeping the nation, and who can forget the “YOLO” fad? Well when you think about zombies, “YOLO” doesn’t really seem very accurate. BigtimeTeez has combined the two with their funny t-shirt, “YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie”.

The design of this funny t-shirt is fairly large.  It covers the entire chest area and a bit below.  The zombie used in the design Yolo-400x400isquite comical.  The almost confused look on his face just adds to the “YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie” idea. This is one of my favorite zombie t-shirts offered by BigtimeTeez. The screen printing is flawless. No signs of cracking or peeling around the edges.

DSCF9288Much like the other funny t-shirts offered by BigtimeTeez, the material of the YOLO, Unless You’re A Zombie t-shirt is extremely comfortable and very breathable. It is perfect for any season. This t-shirt is also preshrunk. Many t-shirts, especially ones with large areas of screen printing, tend to bunch and lose their shape while they are being worn, but this one does not.

As mentioned above, this funny t-shirt is offered for a very reasonable price. If $14.95 is still too high for you, btt-free-shipping-side-banneruse discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off. BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on US orders of $50 or more.

I highly recommend this t-shirt to any fan of The Walking Dead or zombie films that appreciate a quality funny t-shirt.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off)  and follow them on twitter for more exclusive offers, new design alerts, the $9.99 (sometimes $5.99) t-shirt of the day and daily chances to win t-shirts.


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