Product Review: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection’ [Blu-ray] (2013)

910qSpSQvJL._SL1500_One of my favorite slashers is without a doubt, Freddy Krueger.  Like many other slashers, Freddy got an HD makeover with the March 5, 2013 release of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection’ [Blu-ray].

When paying a good sum of money for a Blu-ray collection, the sturdiness of the packaging is very important to ensure the discs stay safe.  The case for this set is sturdy and snaps shut like a regular Blu-ray case, and each disc has a spot to hook onto like a regular Blu-ray.  My only complaint about the packaging is that one of the discs towards the end of the set does not like to stay in.  This is fairly common though with Blu-ray and DVD sets that have all of the discs in one case.

The cover art for the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection’ [Blu-ray] is amazing.  The backdrop of the cover looks like textured cloth.  In the foreground, underneath of the title, Freddy has appeared to have ripped through the cloth with his iconic gloved had and is peeking out.  Overall, the cover is simplistic yet eye catching.

This collection includes all 7 of the original films plus a ton of extras on 5 discs. The run time on the entire set is 11 hours and 42 minutes.  Among the extras is an amazing documentary called ‘Fear Himself’ about Freddy Krueger and the series.  It is not very long and is narrated by Robert Englund, Wes Craven and other crew and fans of the films.  It is insightful and worth the 20 or so minutes.  There are also 2 episodes of ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’.

The set is rated R. My big concern was the quality of the films.  The quality of the audio and video is amazing.  Everything translated from DVD to Blu-ray flawlessly.

The price was a steal on Amazon.  They are currently offering the set for 58% off at just $24.99 from its original $59.99 list price saving a total of$35.  If you already own this on collection on DVD but would like to upgrade, you can trade it in on Amazon for a gift card and save even more money. Buy A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection [Blu-ray]

I highly recommend this set to any fan of the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ series.  The average Amazon rating of this Blu-ray set is 4.6 stars out of 5.  I am giving the A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (All 7 Original Nightmare Films + Bonus Disc) [Blu-ray] 5 out of 5 for the incredible quality of the films and the packaging as well as the incredible bonus features.

One thought on “Product Review: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection’ [Blu-ray] (2013)”

  1. Whoa. This set was under 40 bucks?! Cool! I need to pick this up, My kids and I love the Freddy movies. Thanks for the head’s up! Good post!

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