Movie Review: Mama (2013)

1-Mama-PosterI have written a lot of positive reviews and a couple of negative ones as well, but I’m not too sure how to categorize this one.  Mama was interesting to say the least and I did not love it or hate it.  I am on neutral ground with this film.

Written by: Andres Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti and Neil Cross

Directed by: Andres Muschietti

Starring: Jessica Chastain (Annabel), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Lucas/Jeffrey), Megan Carpentier (Victoria) and Isabelle Nelisse (Lilly)


The senior partner of an investment brokerage Jeffrey has a breakdown and kills his two associates and his wife. Then he takes his three-year old daughter Victoria and the one-year old daughter Lilly and drives his car through a winding snowing road. He has a car accident and fall off a cliff, but he brings his daughters to an abandoned and isolated cabin to kill them, but the children are saved by a creepy ghostly creature. Five years later, Jeffrey’s brother Lucas finds the children that were raised without social relationship and claim that they have been raised by Mama. Lucas disputes the custody with the children’s grandmother but Dr. Dreyfuss, who is studying the girls, selects Lucas to take care of the children. Lucas lives with his girlfriend Annabel, who plays in a rock’n’roll band, and Victoria and Lilly moves to their house. Soon Lucas and Annabel find that the girls were not delusional and they are not alone in the house.

images (1)With all the hype that Mama received and the seemingly promising trailer, I thought this film would be mama-01much better than it really was.  This was another case of an over hyped trailer that gave way too much away.  The story line for the film was promising, but there were a lot of missed opportunities for a real great film.  There were moments where the film seemed to be rushed and not completely thought out.

The cast was fantastic and made up a little for the holes in the plot.  Jessica Chastain was brilliant as she always is.  Megan and Isabelle were amazing for being child actors.  The whole cast was very convincing and sold the story well.  It was a bit of a let down to have such a talented cast and not have a better thought out script for them to act out.  Having an actress like Jessica Chastain portraying one of the lead roles is not enough to salvage a sub par script. mama-ghost-chase-movie-2013-e1359216253606

18MAMA1_SPAN-articleLargeMama was creative, but not at all what I would consider “horror gold”.  The film was entertaining, but I’m afraid that is it.  The “surprising” or “scary” parts were not exactly spin tingling.  There were however a few heartbreaking moments.  The story of Edith (Mama) was very depressing.  The ending was sad and very strange. images

Like I said previously, I did not love it but I did not hate it either.  I think Mama would have been much better had there have been more thought put into it.  As of right now, I think Mama, the way that it was written, would make a far better campfire ghost story than a full length film.  With that being said, I am giving Mama a 6.5.

Here is the trailer for Mama.  Give it a watch and see if this film is for you.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Mama (2013)”

  1. Lol my cousins friend is scared of her but im not!I started to cry at the ending because lily7 and her sister got torn appart because lily went with mama instead of staying with her sister!

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