Interview with Author Nicholas Ryan

GroundZeroCoverI was recently contacted by author Nicholas Ryan about doing a review of his new zombie novel “Ground Zero“.  I conducted an interview with Mr. Ryan so that you can become better acquainted with him and his work.


LBoH: Can you introduce yourself for those that haven’t read your previous works?

NR: Hi my name is Nicholas Ryan I have an extensive background in advertising and marketing and have spent several years working as a commercial artist. I am a veracious reader and have so far kept a lot of my creative writing restricted to other genres I have had several bestsellers on Amazon but my new book “Ground Zero” is my first foray into writing about the subject I love most – Zombies!

LBoH: How long have you been writing?

NR: Since I was a teenager. I won’t tell you how many years that is, but it’s a lot!

LBoH: What got you into horror writing?

NR: I have always been a huge fan of horror movies but my writing has always been for commercial reasons and it is only now that I can translate that fascination for zombie films into a zombie book. I think the advantage of being a zombie film fan is that I write visually – That means lots of description and hopefully lots of excitement and tension.

LBoH: Who are some of your influences?

NR: Stephen King, Wilbur Smith.

LBoH: You have best sellers on Amazon in other categories, other than your horror works, which was your favorite to do?

NR: I wrote an action adventure novel that I was very proud of. It went to number one in the Sea Adventure category, at one stage outselling Ernest Hemingway’s ‘Old Man and the Sea’. I wrote an action adventure novel that I was very proud of. It went to number one in the Sea Adventure category, at one stage outselling Ernest Hemingway’s ‘Old Man and the Sea’ and a Clive Cussler new release.

LBoH: How long have you been working on “Ground Zero”?

NR: The idea for the story has been on my mind for some time. When I sit down to write a novel the writing process itself usually only takes about 6 weeks, but behind the scenes the plot and research takes longer.

LBoH: Where did the concept for “Ground Zero” come from?

NR: I don’t know! On very rare occasions great ideas just come to me. This is one of those very rare occasions.

LBoH: Is “Ground Zero” going to be a part of a series or just a single novel?

NR: The readers will decide that question! I hate the idea of books ending as a cliff hanger. It’s a technique I have always refused to use. So “Ground Zero” will have its own ending, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more story to tell. If the book is well received and readers genuinely want to know what happens to the characters after they have read the final page then I would certainly consider a follow up book.

LBoH: Will you ever write for another genre again, or will you stick mostly with horror/zombie type works?

NR: To be very honest, the success of the books I have written in other genres now affords me the luxury of being able to write about anything I want – and I want to write about Zombies.

LBoH: Do you have any other ideas, other than “Ground Zero”, that we can expect to see in print in the near future?

NR: A million!

LBoH: What are your goals for the next couple of years?

NR: To become established in the Zombie genre and to earn a reputation as an author who tells a rattling good yarn. If I can do that I would be very happy.

LBoH: Any advice for the other horror/zombie authors out there trying to get their material noticed?

NR: The thing I have noticed with the success of my other books in other genres is that marketing is never ending. But despite the social networking world we live in, no amount of marketing can make a bad book good. Ultimately every writer’s long term success needs to be built on a foundation of bloody good books!

Stay tuned for the review of Nicholas Ryan’s upcoming zombie novel “Ground Zero” in mid September. Be sure to like Nicholas’ official Facebook page for more news on “Ground Zero“.

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