UNMASKED Book Review

Credit:  Cover & Author Photo: Jesse Adair Cover Design:  Enve Creative
Cover & Author Photo: Jesse Adair
Cover Design: Enve Creative

I recently picked up Kane Hodder’s book “Kane Hodder UNMASKED The True Life Story Of The World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer48f35ac21dc078c5c00dc750990d1b3ebecause I am a huge fan of Kane and his work.  UNMASKED was written by Kane Hodder himself and Michael Aloisi.  The book opens with acclaims from fellow horror icons Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund, Doug Bradley, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley and more followed Hatchet-2.1 (1)by one of the most badass forwards I have ever read by none other than the writer and director of the Hatchet series, the badass Adam Green.  Adam goes into talking about being a fan of Kane and how they met and how he got Kane to star in the Hatchet movies and his friendship with Kane.

I had already had a tremendous amount of respect for Kane and all of his hard work, but after reading his book, that respect has grown exponentially.  In UNMASKED, you get to know more about Kane and his career and the hell he went through to make it to where he is today.  I got this book 3 days ago and have already read it cover to cover.  This says a lot because I usually get bored with books quickly, but I just couldn’t seem to put this one down.

Kane takes you through everything from the traumatizing beatings and never ending bullying he endored as a child to wanting to be a stuntman to reliving the horrifying burns he sustained after a stunt gone wrong all the way to the iconic horror badass we know and Jasonpt7-335x258love today.  A lot of times when actors make an attempt at writing a book, it is nothing more than a giant piece of shit and a huge waste of money, but this is not the case.  Kane has an amazing personality and is actually one hell of a funny guy.  His personality really translates well into text.

UNMASKED is truly an emotional roller coaster ride.  Kane is does an outstanding job making you understand his feelings and the trials and tribulations he went through.  There were parts that made me laugh hysterically and parts that made me tear up.  Kane maybe “the world’s most prolific cinematic killer“, but he is also one hell of a remarkable guy.  I never lost interest from Kane talking about growing up in Nevada and Kwaj to his struggles to hatchet22make it as a Hollywood stuntman and I was exceptionally interested in the feelings he expressed about the rise and fall of his Jason.  I love that there was 0% of holding back.

When he talks about getting to bring Victor/Thomas Crowley to life, you can almost feel his excitement projecting from the pages.

I love that Kane included in the back of the book some things that are truly near and dear to him.  The first one is Scares That Care,

a non profit formed by horror industry professionals that provides money, toys and other items to sick kids.  Also being inspired by Kane’s story, they are dedicated to helping burn victims and their families.  All donated proceeds go to ScaresLogohelping children in need. ~UNMASKED

Be sure to visit the official Scares That Care website for more information.

The second extra that Kane talks about is his love for the paranormal.  He along with Rick McCallum founded a ghost hunting team called Hollywood Ghost Hunters.  They are joined by R.A. Mihailoff, Steve Nappe and Danielle Harris. Kane, Rick and R.A. had a guest appearance on the widely popular 167483_189907997692996_2507040_nshow Ghost Adventures.

I think a thank you is owed to Mr. Kane Hodder for allowing us such an in-depth look into his life.  If you are down and you don’t think you can go on anymore or you think you’ll never amount to anything, read UNMASKED and hear all the shit Kane had to go through to get to where he is today.  Definitely a must read for any horror fan.  If you don’t respect Kane now, read this book, and if you still don’t after that, then fuck you.

My next book purchase will most likely be Michael Aloisi’s book “The Killer & I“.  This book profiles Micahel’s one year long journey of working with Kane Hodder on his book.  Pick it up at KaneHodderKills.com.


Be sure to catch Kane in Hatchet III!


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