TerrorThreads.com: Up and Coming Horror T-shirt Store


I have been talking to my friends at BigtimeTeez.com, and I have been informed that they have a site that offers officially licensed horror t-shirts.  This site is called TerrorThreads.com.

Rick of BigtimeTeez told me about this site just this morning and he told me that it has been a dream of his to run a horror shop.  I would like to help make that dream come true.

TerrorThreads.com offers shirts from so many classic horror movies.  Some of my favorite have to be the Halloween shirts they offer. Night-He-Came-Home-ThumbThe Halloween designs they have display some of the most iconic imagery from the classic film.  The pumpkin with the knife and Michael peering over the railing of the stairs.

They also offer horror t-shirts from the 1974 cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Killer Klowns, Day of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Godzilla and more.Leatherface_and_Grandpa

Some of my other personal favorites are the shirts they offer from the amazing movie Army of Darkness.  My favorite may have to be the one with the image of a young Bruce Campbell holding his gun with the ever popular saying “This is my boom stick” .


These awesome horror t-shirts offered from TerrorThreads.com are in men’s standard sizes and start at $21.99 (depending on size options).  One of the coolest things about ordering from TerrorThreads.com is that with each order you get a pack of Fright Flicks cards free!300

Check out TerrorThreads.com and like them on Facebook to help a fellow horror fan out while getting some really awesome horror t-shirts!

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