Teenagers and Horror: Reason for Lack of Quality Horror Films? Co-created by Matt Price


I was given a great idea for an article via an Instagram contest,  @fyarl666 brought to my attention that the market for horror movies is geared greatly toward teenagers.  Many of which are not even old enough to view the movie in theaters or buy certain movies in stores.  With this being said, is this cause of the downgraded quality of horror movies we see today?

Most horror movies,well the good ones anyway,carry an R rating meaning 17 or older.  If you watch the trailers or read the plots for a horror movie, 95% of them have a teenage star and all of the marketing for that movie is geared towards teenagers.  In a sense, I do believe that this has had a lot to do with the downgrade of gore and may other aspects of a good horror movie.  17 maybe close to being an adult, but there is reason to believe that the movie industry in shielding them from true horror.

I’m not sure if it’s so much the target audience that is to blame for some of the horror abominations that have been released in the last few years or if the writers are just horrible nowadays.

Many of the leads in horror movies are 17 and under, so why gear a movie so heavily towards an audience that is not even old enough to buy a ticket on their own?

Take the poll below to give your thoughts on the teenage audience and their impact on movie content.


Thank you Matt Price (@fyarl666) for the great idea and the input!

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