Book Review: ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror by Matt Drabble

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I was approached about doing a review of Matt Drabble’s new novel, ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror.  I am usually not a big reader, but this novel was sensational!  I started reading and couldn’t stop.

Let’s start with his characters.  The main character Martin Parcell was a promising author until a car accident.  After the accident, he took a job at Blackwater Heights, a private mental hospital.  His supervisor, Jimmy, was ready to retire and offered Martin a new idea for a book, 13 tales of some of the darkest minds at Blackwater Heights.

Matt Drabble is nothing short of a genius when it comes to painting a picture of his characters and the scenes of his stories.  His description of Blackwater Heights was eerie and all around terrifying.  The descriptions of each patient gets even more disturbed than the one before it.

The tale that stuck out the most to me was chapter seven: The Voice.  Duncan Murray was crazy and maybe even a little dangerous, but at the same time he was likable and I felt a bit sorry for him.  The vision of Duncan was painted so vividly,  I felt like I was truly hearing about a real person.  Drabble gave each character so much thought.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone that likes a good psychological thriller.  ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror is very high on my list of novels that I will read again.  Matt Drabble is definitely a name that I look forward to seeing on more works.

Keep up with Mr. Drabble and his amazing works by visiting his official website, Facebook, and twitter.

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