Asylum- 13 Tales of Terror Review Coming July 8th


I have been asked to join a virtual book tour for the new horror/thriller novel “ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror” by Matt Drabble.  I will be reviewing this book on July 8th.

To start, here is a little back story on author Matt Drabble.  Matt was born in Bath, England in 1974. He is a self-professed “funny onion”.  He is jock meets comic book nerd.  His 3rd novel, “Gated”, hit #1 on Amazon UK free Horror Chart when it was first released.  On it’s re-release, it hit a high of #4 on Amazon Uk’s Horror Chart and #2 on the Horror/Thirller chart.  He is now releasing his 4th novel, “ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror”, and is half way done with his 5th novel, “Abra Cadaver”.

asylum front 2013 copy

Now for the star of this coming article, a bit about “ASYLUM- 13 tales of terror”.  In this novel, we follow 26-year-old Martin Parcell, an ex-journalist that was injured in a car accident and is now working as a custodian at a private mental hospital called Blackwater Heights.

While working  at Blackwater Heights, his elderly supervisor, Jimmy, offers Martin a way out.  This way out is access to the histories and stories of the hospital’s patients.  A collection of 13 tales from the minds of the darkly disturbed minds of the residents of Blackwater Heights.  These stories begin to make Martin question his own sanity.

Stay tuned for a full review of the story on July 8th.  For more information about Matt Drabble and his works, visit his website, friend him on Facebook and  follow him on twitter.


*All information provided in this article is based from the the information in the media kit for this virtual book tour.*

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