TOXICTOONS: Masks, Shirts and More

I myself am a fan of strange and original things, but where can you find strange and original mixed together?  TOXICTOONS is such a place.  You can find t-shirts, masks and more.

TOXICTOONS offers mens, womens and kids t-shirts at reasonable prices.  As a matter of fact, they are working on their first ever baseball style shirt.  It is up for order until June 30, so you better get to ordering!  This shirt is running $23 plus shipping.  They will have two new shirts in July and two new shirts in August.

If a t-shirt is not what you are in the market for, they offer plenty more awesome creations to choose from such as stickers, calendars, patches, cards and just about any other creepy thing your heart may desire.  They even have an app called MONSTERPIECES.  This cool little app only costs $2.99.  If you are a real fan, they offer the Fiend Club Kit for $25 plus shipping.  I think the coolest things they offer however are their masks.

TOXICTOONS’ Monster Masks are incredible.  They currently have five new masks for 2013.  My personal favorite is the”WEREWOLF” (pictured below).   The other four new for 2013 are “TONGUE TIED”, “CYANIDE”, “FANG”(in a new color), and “Z-EEK! FACE MASK”.  All masks that are new for 2013 are for sale starting in August.  For images, prices and full list of masks,   visit their MONSTER MASKS section.

Photo and Creative Credit: TOXICTOONS
Photo and Creative Credit: TOXICTOONS

All of TOXICTOONS Halloween merch will go on sale on September 1.  You may also want to check out the book “why are you so weird unkle pigors?  book of fan ?’s” (pictured below).

Photo Credit: TOXICTOONS
Photo Credit: TOXICTOONS


You can keep keep up to date on TOXICTOONS through Facebook and twitter.



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