The ABCs of Death: Partial Review


All of my reviews thus far have been positive, but that’s about to change with this partial review of The ABCs of Death.  This is only going to be a partial review because I could only stand to watch the first eight segments.  That’s right, segments.

The ABCs of Death is nothing more than a cheap ripoff of the TV show 1000 Ways To Die but in alphabetic order and less believable ways.  I will give it to the people that came up with the various stories for this movie, some of them are creative.

The ABCs of Death was brought to us by 26 different directors, one for each letter of the alphabet.  This made the movie even more hard to understand.  Spoiler alert, only a few of the stories are in English.  Most of it is in Spanish and Japanese without subtitles.  I would highly recommend turning the subtitles on on the device you are watching it.

Many of the segments make zero sense whatsoever.  Each has a title and a way to die, and they tell you after the segment is over what the letter stood for.  Only 2 of the ones I saw coincided with the name the segment was given.  Most of them were centered around sex, so it was not much more than softcore porn where people die.  This film may have has some promise if, 1. there was only one director, 2. The stories were in one cohesive language, and 3. the ways to die were more believable.

I know many people out there like these bazaar, off the wall style movies, and I’m usually one of them, but The ABCs of Death just didn’t do it for me.  You can see it if you like, but I do not advise any buying it before watching it.  It is available on Netflix.  Watch it there first and make your decision.  Remember to have the subtitles turned on and I hope you can stand to watch more than I could.  I am only going to include one spoiler.  In case you get lost while watching the film or are just curious here is the Wikipedia page for the segments in The ABCs of Death.

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