The Friday the 13th Franchise: Should They Continue?


The Facebook and twitter worlds have been a buzz about the continuance of the Friday the 13th franchise.  Some questions have bubbled to the surface, do fans want another film?  Who should play Jason?  What direction should the film take?

I absolutely would love to see another Friday the 13th and judging by all of the buzz in the world of social media, I am not alone.  I am a huge fan of the classic Friday the 13th series and was not totally bummed by the remake/re-imagining that came to us in 2009.

Jason Voorhees is without a doubt, one of the creepiest, most intimidating characters to ever grace a movie screen.  With that being said, let’s touch on the question of who should reprise the role of Jason for movie number 12.  In my opinion, and I know many may disagree, but I would love to see the return of Kane Hodder.  To me he was without a doubt the most intimidating actor to don the iconic hockey mask and hack campers with a machete.  Everything from the way he walks, the way he stands, his size and his natural ability to choke and slash people says Jason Voorhees.

As far as the direction, I would love to see them take it back to the old school slasher style.  It would be nice to see less CGI and more props.  I know I know “it would be so corny”, but I for one enjoy seeing the natural abilities of the actors in doing what they are paid to do, act.  I don’t hate CGI, but I prefer to see the stunts and the puppets instead of a bunch of stuff spewed onto a screen from a computer.  I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes, that is just my opinion. I think a nice, down the middle split of CGI and makeup would be nice for a modern take on such an iconic series.

What are your opinions?  Do you want another movie?  Who should don the mask?  What direction would you like to see it go?

Only time will tell if this is just another campfire ghost story or if Jason will be returning to Camp Crystal Lake.

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